Raising Kids in this Millennial Times

Raising Kids in this Millennial Times

Do you often hear the word “Millennial”? Ever wonder what this word really means? According to Google dictionary, the word “millennial” means denoting or relating to a period of  a thousand years. Huh?? Whatever that means, all I know is that times have become so modern these days. But does raising our kids changed with the times?

The last two weeks of June have been busy weeks for me that is why I have not posted any blog. My daughter Carlee already started her school again. For kids, going back to school is no big deal except for they have to wake-up early every morning again. But for the parents, these are busy times. We need to prepare all the things our kids need for school. Uniforms, school supplies, and their “baon” (prepared lunch) every day.

As far as I can remember, nothing much has changed in that aspect. My parents did the same thing with me and my siblings when we were school-aged kids. If I were to point out any difference, it’s that kids now a days know and say what they really want. I am not sure about your kids, but my daughter often tells me what she wants for her baon. And I am surprised that she always wanted “rice” instead of bread or cookies for recess, even if they only spend half day in school. She says she is not satisfied with her baon if she is not eating rice.

Carlee_with watermark
Carlee showing off her stomach.. 😀

In buying school supplies, kids also has something to say. If you go to bookstores you’ll see that there are lots of choices. Parents often choose those cheaper ones with the same quality for practical reasons. But I’m sure you have experienced that if you’re buying together with your kids, you’ll often have long discussions on what brands to buy. Ofcourse, kids would always choose those with their favorite cartoon characters that cost much more.

And sometimes, they wanted all their things in the same theme. For example, my daughter wants her bag, lunch box, notebooks, pencil-case, and other supplies all in Barbie themed. These will cost a lot if I will follow what she wants. And now that we have a tight budget, that wouldn’t be possible. Plus, it’s not what the kids want that is important, it’s what they need. In their young age, they need to learn these things.

But I can see that kids now are smarter. They can understand situations if you explain it to them truthfully and clearly. You just have to be patient especially if you have to repeat it over and over again every time you buy something. And if you make a promise, be sure you can fulfill that promise… believe me, they always remember it 😀 Kids can be persuaded if you know how to talk to them.

Carlee's school supplies_with watermark
Carlee’s school supplies with different characters

One thing that defines millennial times is the technology. Kids are lucky they have a lot of resources for their school works. The internet has so many stored information that kids can research. The only problem parents will encounter is on how to limit the kids screen time. Last summer, I have blogged about Ways To Lessen Your Kids Screen Time.

Going back to school is not an excuse for kids to have unlimited access in the internet. Especially for ages 9 and below. If possible, they should only use it for school work. And if you’re letting your kids use the internet, you also have to be aware of what they do and where they go and how many hours they spend on it. The internet has so many access to sites that some are not kid friendly that is why we parents have to be careful.

Carlee is only allowed to use the computer and cellphone during weekends for 2 hours. One hour in the morning and another one hour in the afternoon or evening. This schedule always gets us into discussions. She always has excuses why she wanted to extend her screen time. And because she is only 7 years old, I am the one who researches for her school works even during weekdays.

Carlee playing on desktop_with watermark
Carlee busy playing games

Millennial times should not change the way parents raise their kids. In my own observation, raising kids are just the same in what ever generation you are in. It just varies in the personality of your child and in the way you react into things. Sometimes, we want to change the way we raise our own kids with the way we were raised by our own parents. Maybe, we just see or feel that some of our parents ways will not fit our own kids. But either way, one thing will remain. Parents will always want the best for their kids. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Raising Kids in this Millennial Times”

  1. Great post! Instead of limiting my daughter’s screen time I just make sure that there are plenty of other things for her to do. Luckily for me, she always chooses the other activities over the iPad or tv.

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