The Introvert Mom Blogger’s Summer

the introvert mom blogger's summer

It’s already the first of June, 2018. Wow! How time flies. We are already finished with half of the year. How was your first six months? Have you done or started your goals for 2018? What are your plans for the last 6 months?

Honestly, I feel that I have not done a lot in my first six months. Maybe I have been too busy juggling all my tasks as a mom, a virtual assistant, and as a blogger. But I am still glad I have started blogging this year. At least I have one of my dreams came true.

This summer, I managed to do some of my goals. Number one on my list was to have my first hair cut for this year. Because as far as I can remember, my last hair cut was last December 2017. I always plan to visit the salon every six weeks, but often times I cancel it. Either I am too busy or it was just not in my budget.

done with my first haircut for the year_with watermark
my younger sister, me, and my daughter enjoying our salon trip

Another thing that I was able to do was to have a quick get-away together with my family before the summer ends. Thanks to my younger sister. She managed to make a sudden swimming trip with us and her in-laws. This also served as my dad’s birthday celebration, get-together, and getting to know time for our family and my younger sister’s in-laws all-in-one. Because it’s the first time we had a summer outing together.

Carlee and her new friends_with watermark
my daughter Carlee with her new friends
swimming together_with watermark
My family and me (in blue) relaxing at the pool.. sorry my dad is busy cooking the barbecue

The whole day was spent swimming, eating, relaxing, and just chit-chatting. It is really fun having some bonding time with your family. Even for just a quick time, it is still worth-it. Plus the fact that we had to know more about my sister’s in-law family. It’s a good experience.

And because we had so much fun together, a week after our summer outing, we had another trip together with my sister’s in-laws. This time we took them to our relatives in our province. In Batangas, Philippines. My mother and my father are both from there, so since we were kids whenever we go to our mom’s place we also try go to our dad’s. Or vice-versa.

Usually, my mother’s place was our first stop because it is nearer than my dad’s. We visited her older sister and her older brother. They don’t get to see each other often so you can imagine how happy they were. And their non-stop storytelling.

PBB House Look-A-Like_with watermark
All smiles from all of us.. The yellow house is my uncle’s. Isn’t it cute? πŸ™‚

After that, we went over to my father’s place. There, we visited his younger brother. And we are lucky because it is their town’s “fiesta” that day (Spanish word for an event marked by festivities or celebration) so there were lots to eat. Since the food in the province are usually fresh and they use wood instead of stove or oven, you can taste the difference of their food from the food in the city. It somehow adds a different flavor and aroma.

Happy Fiesta!_with watermark
Happy Fiesta! We are ready to eat..

I can not speak for everybody but I can see it in their eyes that everybody enjoyed our trip. Even if it is tiring, we manage to let my sister’s in-laws see and know our family. And sometime in the future, we will be visiting their place too. I guess that is really necessary for a relationship to grow more stronger. You have to make a way to know each other’s family.

Carlee is knocked-out_with watermark
Carlee was tired from the trip that she slept during our travel back home

That wraps up my summer escapades. I know it is not much but at least I manage to do some things before this season ends. I would like to thank my younger sister again. Without her un-planned trips I wouldn’t have any blog about this summer. Hehe.. πŸ™‚

Now, I have to get ready for my daughter’s coming school opening. Another adventure for both of us. But I know, as long as we are together and with the support of our family, we can survive this… Thanks again for reading!


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  1. i am glad I am not the only mom who has neither the time nor the budget to keep up on haircuts! I honestly cant remember my last appointment!

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